Sunday, January 18, 2009

So here I sit

I am totally slumming today. I got up this morning around 10...because an overachiever I am not...unless getting up after 12 is considered pathetic, in that case I'm taking the bronze!

How awesome is it that it is 42 degrees here in AK? I say that now but in the morning I will awaken to blizzard conditions...and then I will drive in it. How awesome. I can't wait. Yay.

The other night my family and I watched the movie "Mirrors" which I saw at the theater and really liked. Afterwards everyone went to bed but me and the dogs, the wind was whipping and I heard this noise that sounding like a dying whale. Now I don't know what a dying whale sounds like but I'm pretty sure it was close to what I heard. Besides, the last time I checked, whales don't die in your front yard but things may have changed. I mean, the snow is melting but we don't have THAT much water sitting in the yard!

My first thought was "What was THAT?". My second thought was "Oh great, the television is dying. Stupid T.V." I turned down my T.V. and heard it again so I think "Gee, that sounds horrific. I wonder if something is coming to kill me? At least the television is okay!!!" I get up an look out my door just to see two moose eating the possibly dead vegetation outside my house. I say "possibly dead" because it's winter outside and therefore too soon to tell. It doesn't really matter if it is alive or not, it will be dead as soon as I get ahold of it.

Understand, you don't get cozy with moose, you just don't, they are mean and they smell weird. I'd rather deal with an angry dust bunny any day over a moose. At least with the dust bunny I have a chance. However, there I am, all pumped up from the revelation that my television had been given a reprieve from a certain dumping, and I fling open the front door to stare at the moose. They could have gotten me if they wanted for I am crispy and taste good with ketchup, but good for me, they don't like humans...unless they are Riverdancing on us that is.

All of this took place at 3 a.m. and I am all to pieces! I run in and wake up my husband who had taken two melatonin and was therefore incoherent, and then wake up my kids so we could all stand with the front door open and stare at them. Hey, the way I see it is there is safety in numbers and at least two of us will get away. They can't get us all.

I have to go for now, "Confessions of a Teen Idol". Laugh if you want but Chris Atkins in on there and I like him. My dad took my sister and I to see "The Blue Lagoon". I think it was his idea of sex education (and I thought they were supposed to encourage you to say "no"). Thanks dad. No really, thanks.


At 9:49 AM , Blogger AmandaC said...

Walter and his sweetie hanging in your front yard.... Ahhh, I'm glad to hear some things just never change.


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