Friday, November 04, 2011

An Email Between Erin, Amber and I

This guy came into my work to fix our heater...his name was Brian and he was hot...and I once again got to display what an idiot I can truly be. All I have to do is open my mouth.

Okay Amber, Erin already knows this but you have to know too.

The heat went out today and they sent this guy *Brian* to fix it. Well, Brian was very, very good looking unlike the window licking chest thumper we normally get. AND he sounds just like Seth Rogan but way cuter.

So, Brian gets finished with his work and is talking to Mary in front of my desk. He says “Hopefully you guys won’t have to see me again” and what do I say Amber? AND WHAT DO I SAY OUTLOUD? I said “You can come back any time you want!”

He looked at me and smiled as he walked down the stairs.

I’m sure the last thing he saw after I smiled was me visibly attempting to suck the words back in.


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