Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chipotle crumb IN MY EYE!

I bought some of the rice and adzuki bean chips with chipotle cheese from Costco and they are delicious. Well, I’m sitting on my couch eating some last night and I don’t know if I sighed into my hand or what but a rice and adzuki chip with chipotle cheese CRUMB flew INTO MY EYE.

The chips have chipotle in them. Chipotle burns the EVERYTHING.

I blinked a lot but didn’t rub because I had make up on which would’ve made it burn more and the crumb would shred my cornea in the process. I could have gone to the bathroom and rinsed the crumb out but that would have involved me leaving the couch and since I didn’t currently have to pee or anything I really didn’t see the point in taking it that far.

So, I sat there watching the television through one eye until the pain subsided. I kept eating the chips but avoided breathing into my hand.

Like I said, the chips are delicious and I would have told the emergency room that if needed.


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