Friday, July 22, 2005

Chinese Food

I went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant tonight. The food was good but you know what they say, "You're hungry again in two hours!". This is no myth my friends but the thing is, no one ever tells you why. The reason you are raiding the refrigerator again so soon is because CHINESE FOOD RIPS THROUGH YOUR GUT LIKE A RUNAWAY FREIGHT TRAIN! Before you can sign the credit card receipt the countdown has begun.

If you need to rent a movie from the video store for your in-home viewing pleasure it is in your best interest to snag your copy before dining. Trust me, you don't want to enter Blockbuster in an indecisive fog with a belly full of vindictive chinese.

The cramps are bad enough but when the sweat starts you certainly want to have the "Temple of the Toilet" well within your line of vision.

Fortune cookie: "You have a quiet and unobtrusive nature." HA HA HA! And the hits just keeeeep onnnnnn coming!


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