Friday, July 22, 2005

This is who I am...or whatever

My name is Shannon and for now I live in Hampton, Virginia. I am a married mother of two sarcastic kids and I'm a volunteer firefighter/EMT at Station One.

What kind of personality do I have you ask? I dunno, maybe you should ask those poor fools unfortunate enough to be associated with me. I guess one could say that I am sarcastic, witty, funny, irreverent, honest, respectful and rarely politically correct. On the flip-side I am easy to talk to about anything and have the uncanny ability to keep everything I am told to myself. Weird, huh? I love all kinds of movies but am a sucker for "Monty Python" and the like. My favorite movie is "The Dead Poets Society", a fact that some would find odd. Most who know me find me odd anyway. My favorite word is "Avalon", I don't know why. I aspire to one day become a paid firefighter/paramedic/paramedic instructor. My dream job, however is to be a paramedic and to be a member of and/or to write for Saturday Night Live. Yeah, I don't ask a lot.

In October I am going to move to Alaska...which should be a f'ing festival for a girl born and raised in Georgia. I'll be sure to post pictures of me standing next to a snowboard that I'm never going to use. I'm going to spend the first year with a sign on my two-wheel drive SUV that reads "I'M SOUTHERN....GO AROUND!" My plan is to take two pictures of my truck, one before I run off in a ditch and one after. Don't worry, I'll post those too.

As I mentioned, I am originally from Georgia, Columbus, Georgia that is. They call it the Peach State but I don't like peaches. Strangely enough people display their own versions of "shock and awe" when they hear such terrible news. They say, "But you're from Georgia!" Then I have to gingerly explain to the non-believers that liking peaches is not a part of any unwritten criteria when born in Georgia. I like peanuts, driving in mud. And oh yeah, I like kudzu.


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